January 4, 2010


Just as I decide that I'm going to put all of those fancy guards and flashy moves away, my MMA instructor decides to teach us everything X-Guard this month. It has been something I have been interested in (being a big fan of Marcelo) and I was pretty excited to get into it.

He started with how to get to the X-Guard itself. Apparently, there are thousands of ways to get into it but he showed us where someone puts one leg up and with one knee down. We simply grabbed their leg (while keeping a butterfly hook into the down knee) and pulled it over our shoulder and listened to it like we were on the phone. Then, with our free leg, we kicked to gain moment and pushed our partner back to stuff our other hook in (on top of their leg, above our hook, making the 'X').

It seems pretty simple but it took me a couple tries to figure it out. I was hooking the wrong leg at first but I made adjustments and figured it out. I didn't get to practice any sweeps with it yet but it does seem like it would be pretty effective since we are holding one of their legs. It pretty much just leaves us with the option of grabbing an arm and taking them any way their weight provides. It's pretty interesting.

I jumped right into Judo afterwards. We did our usual warm ups and footwork drills. The throws we practiced both involved a 'T', stepping behind our forward foot, twisting and pulling our partners sleeve and lapel forward. Step in front of the foot with our free foot and twist like an owl, throwing our partner to the ground with an arm controlled.

The second throw was essentially the same but from a side tie up, with either an overhook/underhook or a whizzer.

I feel like Judo will help my stand up a lot in the beginning of matches in tournaments. I'm glad I'll have that throw to use.

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