January 11, 2010

Overall, it's been a pretty good training week.

Monday - MMA/BJJ plus Open Mat
Tuesday - BJJ plus OM (both afternoon and evening sessions)
Wednesday - MMA/BJJ plus OM
Friday - BJJ plus OM

I had planned to go Sunday but between work and training, I needed a break. Work is pretty spontaneous right now and working outside in the cold is exhausting.

I'm happy with my training other than the spike of injuries I've experienced. I banged my knee up on a sprawl during MMA on Wednesday and hurt my hand during grappling. They're both feeling better after my weekend off but it's still something I have to think about.

I wish I blogged earlier about what I learned during the week but it's all pretty cloudy. Friday, we worked a lot of open guard sweeps when your opponent stands. The first sweep:

1. Starting with both feet on opp hips
2. Grab a the right ankle and drop your leg foot around your opp right foot leg wrap/hook
3. Push and pull

The second sweep we worked was when we attempted the first sweep but our opponent stepped away from our leg wrap/hook.

1. Switch your left foot to their left hip
2. Use your leg that you attempted the hook/leg wrap with to sweep out the opposite leg as you push with your left foot

The last sweep we worked was a De La Riva sweep. I had a tough time getting my leg around and moving myself behind them on this one. I think it's because my legs aren't super long.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu & Submission Grappling:
Taking The Back From The De La Riva Guard

The video explains it better than I can. Now that I watched this, I see I was just being too nice getting around to take their back. I was going to them instead of making them come to me.

After class during open mat, I rolled with an older blue belt who is pretty experienced in BJJ and a black belt in Judo. He was getting me with all kinds of weird wrist locks and he flowed really nicely. One thing I noticed, every time I got to his back when he turtled, he would grab my arm, pin it and make roll with him until I ended up with him on my side mount. I should have asked him about it but I'll look into it later on. He gave me a couple tips here and there. I found rolling with him to be really helpful, probably the most helpful roll I've had lately.

MMA/BJJ plus OM tonight. Looking forward to it.

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