January 2, 2010

A new year and a new post

Everyone knows that with a New Year comes New Years Resolutions. Everyone also knows that most people will never actually do what they said they would do or even set any. I was the girl in the later group, never setting any resolutions simply because I knew I wouldn't follow through with them. Welps, I have decided to be different this year... zomg!

- Attend all classes Monday through Friday and Sunday afternoon. These classes are mostly BJJ (good), about 3 hours of MMA a week, an hour of takedowns and an hour and a half of Judo! This also includes 4 hours of open mat which is absolutely aweeeesome.
- Eat healthier. I started today with an egg for breakfast and tunafish with apple slices for lunch which makes me very hungry at the moment.
- Compete in all tournaments possible. Now, there are 4 Grappler's Quest events in New Jersey, each roughly 3 hours away. There is a NAGA in Rhode Island and a Submission Only in Rochester. I really really want to compete in all of these events.
- Work on my strength and conditioning. I have a gym membership which has seldom been used lately. I need to change that.
- Save as much cash as possible. So this isn't fighting related... POOP!

On that note, I was also promoted again a couple weeks ago. I'm now a two stripe white belt. I have high hopes of being a blue belt by the end of 2010. Wish me luck! :)

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