July 6, 2009

Weekends ruin me!!!

Friday night we worked half guard escapes and a submission. The cardio beforehand was really soft for Joe and I was really surprised by that. Anyways, to the half guard escape...

1. Take the opposite side of the gi and wrap it behind their arm (aids in controlling their upper body)
2. Overhand grip and pass to other hand
3. Push with newly free hand while dragging knee out
4. Post knee on ground, make foot skinny to slide it through
5. End in mount! :)

The choke we learned was pretty simple, front naked choke. Fun though. Wrestling was cancelled afterwards so I just rolled around with Brittany for a few minutes.

I was feeling really guilty about drinking this entire weekend so I ran for 30 minutes. Tonight I shall be going to BJJ, rolling at open mat, and doing MMA. I'll update tomorrow.

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