July 7, 2009

Catchy titles are overrated...

Last night, we broke down the arm bar again step by step from the mount. Ken says that he is seeing a lot of sloppy arms bars in open mat and he was really emphasizing getting it as tight as possible. We also went over a few escapes for the arm bar as well!

1. Remove the opponents leg
2. Pull elbow to ground and roll into the person
3. Point thumb down and move around to your knees

It was a pretty simple class but I really think getting the basics down is super important and I've heard for MANY people that the basics simply work. No flashy flying arm bar necessary.

During open mat I worked a sweep, pass or submit drill with Nicco and Kevin. Throughout open mat and MMA, I really worked the scissor sweep well. I was pretty proud when I pulled it off while a kid was punching me in the face. I also tried staying in mount longer than usual. I'm used to just getting bucked off so I need to work on that. I found myself in half guard a lot too so it would be nice to learn some submissions or sweeps from there.

In MMA, we worked some slipping again and added a takedown. It wasn't too tough to grasp but I'm always looking to improve my sparring which we always end up doing at some point.

This morning, I will be going to the gym to get cardio and lift some weights. Afterwards, I'm going to the noon class and the evening class later on.

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