July 20, 2009

We worked a few different gi chokes .

1. Grab the v of the gi
2. Bring it around the opp arm and switch grips
3. Grab the top of the gi on the other side for the choke

I can't remember what else we did! That's what I get for blogging so late.

We did a lot of fancy things on Saturday again too. Thanks Scott. The first was getting the opp out of the turtle position. It's the same way to take the back as rolling them to their side but instead flipping over them and carrying them with you. The next thing was a shoulder lock from when the opp takes a failed shot on your leg. Scoot to the side with their arm in between your legs, chances are, opp will straighten it. Keep it, roll (opp should roll with you or it will hurt their arm), hold them down, and take the omaplata. We also did some weird calf lock. I don't really remember it so I will have to research it. I rolled afterwards and I tweaked my neck really bad.

We worked a lot of drills from the mount during this class. All the escapes we know and all the submissions followed by some live drilling. We also learned the triangle choke from the mount and the "gangsta" lean. I had Brittany adjust my neck so that helped me a little bit.

Hopefully, I get the blue Gameness Pearl I ordered today. I need a clean gi for class tonight! I also ordered some new Combat sparring gloves (sale for $24.99!!!) so I will not longer be hurting my partners with padless gloves.

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