July 21, 2009

Aggression is my new best friend.

We worked a few different moves last night and finally strung them together. Starting from standing...

1. Take double underhooks and widen your base, sit and bring the opp into your guard
2. When opp goes for choke and stands to apply pressure, redirect arm across their body and gable grip behind their head
3. Open guard, sweep the knee and get a hook
4. Grab opp lat and gain back mount

That was really about it and now that I typed it out, it doesn't seem like we did much.

I was really happy with my rolling last night. I was able to work what we learned in class a couple times and I also worked the triangle choke from the mount that we learned Sunday. I rolled with sensei and he told me in order to get my next belt, I need to be more aggressive so I will definitely work on that! I'm looking for that next belt.

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