July 16, 2009

More fancy armbars and some take downs

For Thursday evening, we worked a couple take downs for the beginning of class. We did a standard single leg and then we worked one from behind.

1. Grab opp waist
2. Drop down on one knee, sliding grips down to opp thighs
3. Slide your arm and head underneath their legs as you drive your knee towards their ankle
4. Grab and pull down the same leg that you are sweeping
5. Come up with their leg into side control, etc.

The next thing we did was another fancy arm bar. I wish I knew the name of it so I could post a video but I will try my best to describe it. Starting with your opp in turtle positon and your hooks in...

1. Drop one knee and leave the opposite hook in
2. Wrap around your opp arm from their shoulder in and wrap your other arm around the inside of their leg
3. Tuck your head and roll underneath your opponent, extending your free leg to aid in the flip
4. Bring your leg around their head as opp is flipped over so you can take the usual arm bar

I rolled afterwards with Brittany. She has me constantly defending, even if I'm on top. It makes it extremely difficult to try to work out of her guard. She always gets good grips on me so I need to work on evading those and bettering mine. She always pulls guard a lot in the beginning, which is what I'm used to. I tried to dominating and attempting to gain side mount but I was unsuccessful. She's fast and strong. I'm not even sure what I need to work on more in order to gain the upper hand on her. I need to lift more! I'm going to focus on gaining more control from now on. I find myself defending a lot because most of the people I roll with are bigger/stronger than me. I'll update after noon class today.

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