January 26, 2010

So many resources... so little time.

Yukinori Sasa (Paraestra Jiu Jitsu) Guard Instructional
Jiu Jitsu University
Passing the Guard

I really need to spend more time outside of training looking at these things and setting more specific goals for myself. I'm always finding myself getting muscled into triangles and I really need to work my escapes. Here are my next focuses for a while:

- Triangle Escapes
- Passing the Guard

Passing the closed/open/butterfly guard really isn't a hard task for me on people of my own skill levels but often times I find myself in these weird positions with my opponents legs in knots. That's usually when I'll resort to just grabbing one of their angles and doing a shimmy towards that blocked side. I really just need to read more.

Anyways, NAGA is coming up on the 6th. I'm excited and very eager for it to come. It's at the Twin Rivers Casino so it should be really fun afterwards too!

Off to training I go.

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