July 13, 2009


I'm not a slacker when it comes to training or working out but I am a slacker when it comes to writing all the things down that I learn!

Let's see... picking up from my last post and the class I went to right after, the 9th during the day. We did a lot of drilling today and did not go over any new techniques. Actually, we barely even did a warm up. We just focused on rolling and flowing with each other for a while. Afterwards, we worked some basic escapes from under the mount.

On Friday, we definitely made up for the lack of warm up. We had to carry our partner across the gym a number of times (in a number of different ways) and it was freakin' exhausting. Joe taught us a couple basic collar chokes so we drilled that for a while. We also did a umpa/bridge drill to scissor sweep with our partners.

Saturday was no gi jiu jitsu and open mat. We worked a lot of open guard stuff and a couple chokes afterwards. I rolled with a blue belt and was able to submit him with my triangle choke but he really let me work it. It still felt good to finish though.

Sunday, we did a couple chokes and worked all the submissions we know from the mount.

I can't go to class today as I have work and traded it off so I could go to friday Jiu Jitsu and wrestling/take downs. I'm going tomorrow though, twice!!

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