March 23, 2011

2 down, 1 to go

Classes this week have been pretty informative. Last nights class was filled with passes and takedowns. One pass from guard, two passes from butterfly guard and a few takedowns.

Pass from guard:
1. Grab same side lapel low (allowing your elbow to sit right on the pressure point above opp knee), grab pants
2. Put one knee right against center of opps butt, with other knee pointing outwards
3. Push with lower back and elbows to pop opps guard
4. Grab both legs, gable grip
5. Pull opp towards you and scoop onto your legs to stack them
6. Grab across opp collar, thumb in
7. Sprawl and step towards one side, side control

Butterfly guard:
1. Squish legs together, with bull fighter style pin to one side with chest
2. Grab collar, while grabbing bottom ankle with other hand
3. Sprawl and pass towards opp knees while holding their ankle, side control

Second butterfly guard:
1. Control legs, pin together upright
2. Sit on opps shins like a seat with posture up
3. As you feel opp push you away, use the momentum guiding their legs underneath yours
4. Pop up and land in mount

Uchi Mata
1. Start facing opp, break opp grip on gi by swimming arm through high and using your shoulder
2. Go underneath their arm, grabbing opposite lapel
3. Hip to hip, check opps free hand
4. Place nearest foot to opp on the inside of their thigh
5. Bend over while quicking upwards
6. Place hand on mat, if needed

Uchi Mata

Obviously the Uchi Mata can be set up a number of ways, this was just one example.

Choke defense to takedown?:
1. Opp wraps on arm around your throat, begins to pull you back with one leg under yours
2. Grab opps wrist and drop your base
3. Step back wide with one foot, catching opps shin/ankle when you do
4. Pivot 180 degrees, still controlling arm
5. Using opps arm as a lever, twist the other way bring them to the ground
6. Hold wrist and arm control where you then have a few different options (arm bar, knee on belly, etc.)

Needless to say, there's a lot of cool stuff floating around in my head from the two classes last night.

I rolled afterwards with a young female (14) who is about 30 pounds lights than me. I did pretty well and her older brother (16, blue belt) followed up with me. He was pretty calm for the most part during our roll. I was able to sub him with an americana until he came back again later on and got me with a triangle. I'm glad to see people starting so young and I can't help to be jealous that I didn't!

I'm off to Pittsburgh this weekend for a few softball games so unfortunately tonights class will my week ender.

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